Baked and Stuffed Jalepenos

Perfect, spicy, cheesy peppers. These remind me of summer bbqs and restaurant appetizers that have you wanting more. Definitely spicy and creamy with a cheesy stuffing; They’re perfectly complemented with tortilla topping.

Heads up. Andrew, my picky pescetarian, claims the cashew stuffing doesn’t taste a whole lot like cheese, but still tastes “super good”. I  must admit the possibility that I don’t properly remember the taste of cheese, but this is the best tasting vegan cheese I’ve tried–and I’m a hard sell on vegan cheese. I also didn’t use tortilla chips due to a lack of having them and laziness; I supplemented with torn up bits of tortilla (not even 1 tortilla) and it worked like a gem. Delicious.

Baked and stuffed jalapeno recipe here