Octobierogies! (Sweet Potato Pierogies)

Difficult, but delectable. These messy puffs are a happy marriage of gnocchi, pierogies, and sweet potatoes. Filling, sweet, creamy, and comforting–they’re perfect for when the weather starts to drop. (It’s actually getting super hot here and all the stove cooking this recipe calls for made our apartment swelter, but for the rest of the states, a perfect way to welcome october).

The sweet potato filling is definitely the star of the show in my opinion. If I revisit this recipe, I’ll probably try to experiment with other dishes I can create with it. Im imagining it would be lovely as a shepherd’s pie topping if we removed the cream cheese. I will warn you ahead of time, this is a lengthy recipe. It took me about 2 hours and I cut out the side dish. And if you don’t wash your dishes as you go, you’ll probably end up using half the pans in your cupboard. All in all, though, a lovely way to ring in the fall.

Recipe here