Samosa Cakes or Masala Mash

Samosas likely made up about half my diet when I was living in South Africa. The nostalgia alone could make this my ultimate comfort food. But the ginger, turmeric, peas, and potatoes all pocketed together in a crisp golden fold really claim that title for themselves.

However, as a lazy and budding cook, I was a little discouraged to find the effort that goes into samosas. You have to make the dough, make the filling, partly fry the dough, fill the dough, deep fry–a process I feared would leave my little kitchen looking more like an aftermath photo of an earthquake.

These cakes pack all the flavour of a traditional samosa into a simpler dinner patty; They bring the homemade samosa to a busy weekday dinner table. Equally as good, is the masala mash before they’re fried into patties making this recipe  really versatile and convenient. Use it as an entree with chutney, slide it into a toasted bun for lunch, or serve it up as a side dish of impressive mash. The potato base also makes it great for an indian style breakfast or brunch. The pictures don’t do this flavour packed recipe justice. Truly delicious.

recipe, here

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