Lentil & Okra Gumbo

I’ve never had gumbo, but I do work at a restaurant that serves a delicious smelling traditional Louisiana-style seafood gumbo, and I must say the aromas were pretty well met. 🙂 This is a very uniquely flavoured soup that is thick, almost tangy, and spicy. I love that it’s made with lentils rather than rice as I personally prefer lentils, AND they are more nutritionally valuable.

I did add chilli powder and pepper as well as an anaheim chili. I also couldn’t find fresh okra and had to resort to canned (it clearly wasn’t the same. Get fresh okra!). A note for next time–I did feel it needed just a tad more variety throughout. Perhaps some sliced tofurkey spicy sausage links and a dash of filet would do just the trick.

recipe, here

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