Sloppy Joe’s

These sandwiches are mushroom based which gives them a very meaty and satisfying texture. They are plenty sloppy, and a true American classic. They’re also pretty simple to make, and won’t take you more than an hour. Andrew and I went and made these for my parents last night for dinner and they were a big hit. My dads first words about them were “mmmmm, these are two big thumbs up”.

I had a previous go-to sloppy joe recipe from the cookbook Vegan Cooking For Dummies, which I thought was pretty good, but Andrew informed me recently they just weren’t quite sloppy joes. Perhaps, the pinto bean base had something to do with it. I was nervous to try a mushroom base, however, since Andrew isn’t a fan of mushrooms, but even he loved them. You don’t really taste the mushrooms as much as the other flavours; Their main role in the dish is that meaty texture. I did add almost double the chili powder–but that is personal preference. I topped mine with an anaheim chili and Andrew and my parents added pepperjack cheese.

recipe, here