Sweet Potato Tacos

These absolutely delicious tacos have such kick, zest, and personality to them. The sweet potato adds a sweet treat and is perfectly baked and seasoned to keep in time with the spanish tastes. While the cilantro, chili, lime, and purple cabbage mixture acts as a fresh sprig of crunch and zing in every bite. These are some truly awesome tasting, simple tacos that keep my kitchen relatively clean and can be done in under 45 minutes (A huge plus for Andrew, who starved through yoga class waiting for a homemade meal).

The original recipe calls these colourful guys Vegan “Huevos” Rancheros, but if you’re looking to call them that and feed it to anyone who eats real eggs, they will quickly notice these are not what they were expecting. They will, however, be so won over by these that they may not mention it at all. Like I said, they’re DELICIOUS.

Sidenote: Trader Joe’s carries a really good Jalapeno Cilantro Hummus that goes perfectly with these layered under the black beans.

recipe, here