Black Bean Quinoa Enchiladas

Awesome healthy enchiladas! The homemade sauce is delicious, thick, and if you add a little chili, you can give it a great kick. As someone who ate a lot of cheesy enchiladas back when I was vegetarian, it surprised me that I didn’t even miss the cheese in these. There is no vegan cheese or substitute, and for that reason I wouldn’t call these traditional enchiladas. They’re much more something you’d pick up from an eco-centered health food cafe. (P.S.-I got a new job at a like-minded cafe and I get free vegan meals! whaaaaat?)

If you like em spicy, add a habanero (or other hot chili). And for a breakfast/brunch variation, these would be absolutely awesome with some Mexican Chickpea Scramble added to em.

Also, the enchiladas pictured have no corn because I thought I had it when I went grocery shopping and it turns out I didn’t. I replaced with a yellow bell pepper but have had the recipe with corn as well and the corn is where it’s at.

Recipe here