Vegan Thanksgiving!

This is Andrew’s first meatless thanksgiving! So needless to say, my goal was to wow here. Our feast consisted of a Gardein Holiday Roast, mashed potatoes, biscuits, rosemary carrots, and a tempeh bacon jalapeno stuffing with baby turkey heads–these were supposed to make little stuffed turkeys, but I forgot to thaw the dough for the body. oops! We finished it up with a raw, gluten free, and paleo apple rose tart.


This post is before the actual holiday due to family and work schedules. Andrew and I celebrated with my parents last night, and had a totally vegan and totally yummy thanksgiving feast. 🙂


Gardien Holiday Roast

I had always kind of settled for tofurkey throughout the thanksgivings of growing up, but with this being Andrew’s first meatless thanksgiving, and him being the picky eater that he is, I knew I had to step up my fake turkey game. I took the trip to whole foods and picked up one of these bad boys and it was well worth it. Great texture, moist, and delicious. It was approved by two meat eaters and two veg-heads alike tonight.


Mashed Potatoes 

Mashed Potatoes are of course essential. The woman who works at trader joe’s informed me that Gold Potatoes are the best potatoes for mashed potatoes as they are so naturally creamy. I use about 2 potatoes per person and 3 potatoes per Andrew (they’re his favorite :)).

Cube potatoes, boil potatoes, strain.

Mix with Electric mixer for creamier potatoes. Add 3 tbs earth balance. 2 tsp white pepper, and salt to taste. For even creamier potatoes add a little almond or rice milk as your mashing.

The Gravy in the picture came with the roast but there is a great gravy recipe here



These are soft delicious biscuits that no one will be able to resist–or tell that they’re vegan! Very buttery and a perfect accent.

recipe, here


Rosemary Carrots

These were simple and tasty vegetable dish that added a nice balance to the meal. They really complimented the heartiness of the other dishes, and if you slice them with a mandolin slicer, they come out delicately thin. Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs and it goes so well with holiday meal.

recipe here


Tempeh Bacon Jalapeno Stuffing

This was a great traditional stuffing with a lot of added flare. Tempeh bacon, jalapenos, and shiitake mushrooms all make this stuffing really something special. I recommend cubing your tempeh very small, and slicing your celery very thin for a truly divine texture.

recipe here (recipe 1, also 2 other vegan stuffing recipes on the page)


Turkey Heads

My plan was to wrap my stuffing in filo dough and stick these heads on with toothpicks. They would have made really cute little stuffed turkeys and still can for you! Just remember to read your dough thawing instructions the day before, because those buggers need a while to thaw.


Green olives stuffed with pimento

your favourite hummus

poppy or chia seeds

a carrot


optional sun dried tomato


Pull the pimento from the olive with a toothpick. (If you’re not using sun dried tomato, try to keep your pimento in tact to make a gobbler). Put a couple spoonfuls of hummus into a ziploc bag and cut out a small hole in the bottom corner of the bag. Pipette your hummus into your olives and on each side for eyeballs. Use your seeds to make pupils. Cut your carrot first in slices and then in small triangles. Each carrot slice should make 2 bird beaks–one triangular closed beak, and one two piece, open beak. Stick your carrots in the opening where you filled with hummus and use the hummus to keep it in place. As you skewer your turkey heads, attach either a small piece of sun dried tomato or a pimento as the gobbler. Attach to your filo stuffing pockets.


Altogether, this was an awesome thanksgiving feast and huge success. 🙂


Apple Rose Tart

As I was making this, I was less than hopeful about the outcome as the ingredients just didn’t seem all that sweet to me. It created, however, a really delicious and sweet apple tart. The tastes were very seasonal and festive not only for the delicious apple slices but also the cinnamon and allspice that gave it a get-ready-for-christmas-feel!

I am so thankful to have been able to enjoy such lovely food with the lovely wonderful people in my life, and to have this lifestyle that allows me such health and well being. I hope your holidays are as lovely, warm, and tasty! Namaste.