Vegan Stuffed Turklettes

Happy thanksgiving all! We celebrated with Andrew’s family today and I got a second chance to thaw the dough and wrap these little guys up. They turned out just as I envisioned–adorable! They were a big hit and delicious. The jalapeno tempeh stuffings sweet nuttiness was delicious through the delicate layers of filo pastry and they can be served as a main dish or made smaller and served as festive appetizers. These are a perfect way to break the ice at the inevitable awkward turkey gathering.

IMG_0747IMG_0753 IMG_0751


The recipes for the stuffing and turkey heads can be found in my fully vegan thanksgiving post here

Filo dough (there is a vegan brand at Whole Foods called The Fillo Factory)


Preheat oven to 350 F

take about 5 sheets of filo dough and lay flat. Cut or rip into squares approximately 2″x 2″ each

spoon stuffing into the center (about two small spoonfuls) of each square

wrap dough around and pinch at the top

If you can, try and set the pinch at one end of your turkey to act as a tail

Place them in an oiled baking dish

Put in the oven for about 20 minutes

Meanwhile construct your turkey heads and skewer them on toothpicks

Stick toothpicks into your baked turkey bodies and enjoy!