Native Frybread Tacos

The combination of fluffy and comforting beer flat bread with flavourful and spicy chilli screams good old fashioned american yums. Andrew and I both thoroughly enjoyed this veganized version of a native classic that was reminiscent of a classy, old school sloppy joe. It packs enough flavour to simply top with the chilli for the vegan who hates soy cheese (i.e-me). However, Andrew equally enjoyed his with a sprinkle of cheese shreds. (Also great with salsa!)

Other toppings could include jalapenos, bell peppers, green onions, cilantro, and pretty much whatever your taste buds desire. two thumbs up from this little household.

The recipe for the frybread can be found here, however it called for a pre-made can of chili which I replaced with my own kidney-pinto creation for which I’ll post the recipe below. 🙂



oil for cooking (I used olive)

1/4 c chopped onions

3 tablespoons minced garlic

115 ounce can kidney beans

115 ounce can pinto beans

1 6 ounce can tomato paste

2 tbs cumin

2 tbs chili powder

1 tbs paprika


Cook onions and garlic in oil on med heat until softened (two to three minutes).  Add rest of ingredients and lower heat to med/low or low. Cook for 10 or so minutes. I started the chili about 5 minutes before the dough was finished rising. Andrew fried the dough as it was cooking on low and they finished right around the same time.