Jalapeno Poppers (gluten free)

These creamy cheesy concoctions pack heat and good old fashioned southern comfort. They make for perfect appetizers, snacks, or side dishes. Perfect for a potluck or anytime to treat the family to a tasty–not so healthy–vegan treat.

I did modify the recipe slightly. I hollowed out my jalapenos and stuffed them with vegan cream cheese. Andrew stuffed his with cheddar cheese and we both enjoyed them with Stubb’s bbq sauce. If I were to make this recipe again, I would skip the flax egg and see how they turn out. My batter was overly eggy and gooey which made it difficult to work with. I didn’t really see the necessity in it either.

I also noticed the cook who originally posted the recipe stated the total prep/cook time would be about twenty minutes. Do NOT base your cooking time off of this. From start to finish, I was in the kitchen for probably about an hour with Andrew as my frycook towards the end. They were worth it however–delectable and delicious in the end.

Recipe, here

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