Vegan at the Cannabis Cup!

Andrew and I had an amazing time at the socal cannabis cup this past weekend. We had an unforgettable experience tasting and sampling weeds, concentrates, and yes-vegan friendly edibles (pictures below)! I was amazed at how little I had to turn down the free samples and discovered so many cannabis infused foods that blew my mind and delighted my taste buds.

I also scored some veganic grown weed by Buds and Roses!


I wish I could get veggies grown this good! If you perhaps grow ANYTHING consumable, I highly recommend looking into a vegan organic growing process. The difference is highly noticeable with cannabis and can also improve the quality of veggies, fruits, nuts, and anything grown for consumption!


Rollin VIP! 😉


Passionfruit Sorbet (behind), In front Andrew’s sporting his Stoney Road


Some awesome kief infused teas handed out for free!


OG Kush Pot Sauce! 420 mg per bottle! So excited for this stuff. We sampled it at the event and it’s awesome. We always buy the hot but this is the first brand that we’ve had to stick to mild. This stuff is hottt.


Two Sticky Peanut Butter….yummmm!


Pizza Sauce! Another one we sampled at the event and it was totally delicious. It will be making an appearance on our valentines day this saturday 🙂

Also not pictured were some chili lime peanuts and salted pretzels from Aunty Dolores that were quickly munched before I could snap a photo. They were honestly tastier than anything I’ve bought in a grocery store. Throughout our dabbin around we also sampled infused slushies, sparkling water, chocolate, and candy all vegan friendly!

Andrew had a delectable looking creme brulee that won second place for best edible, however sadly was not vegan.

On our way back home we hit Santa Monica and Venice Beach for some fun and found an intoxicatingly rare totally vegan restaurant called Seed. Andrew and I agree that between the two meals we ordered the Seitan Sirloin was the star of the show–and for good reason. This burger was amazing . This restaurant was amazing. And if you live in Venice Beach I am so jealous of you.


Seitan Sirloin Burger-favourite vegan meal I’ve ever eaten

IMG_0972  \

Andrew’s still savoury and wonderful Southwest Burger


My double scoop of Nice Cream Sorbet! :):)