Perfect Valentines Dinner at Home/ Red Wine Truffle Recipe

Our valentines night was a huge success without the reservations, or dressing up, or going out at all. We did spend the daylight galavanting the bay and wetlands meeting crabs and egrets and even drifting along with an otter in a kayak!


By sunset however we were back in the kitchen– with a bottle of champagne sloppily popped– and preparing what we were both very excited to try: our newly obtained cannabis infused pizza sauce from Canapa Edibles! We used Trader Joe’s Garlic and Herb Dough for the crust and topped it all with everything we could find in the fridge. Delightful, delicious, and gourmet in flavour.


I did Pre Prep some homemade desserts for us as well and we topped off our highs with classic chocolate covered strawberries and some delectable red wine truffles. The Red wine truffles stole my heart with a deep and rich chocolate wine mousse filling coated in a pure chocolate shell, and will definitely be reappearing on romantic occasions to come. However, I did struggle when making these and will like give them a full 24 hours to chill before scooping rather than the 2 that the recipe calls for. My mousse had not taken shape enough to neatly coat with chocolate even after 3 hours.

Truffle Recipe here

IMG_1006 IMG_1007IMG_1012