Jackfruit Tacos

This exotic take on bbq tacos is absolutely scrumptious! The sweet and meaty jackfruit makes for a unique and hearty base that’s surprising exquisite when simmered in bbq sauce and fixed with your favourite taco toppings. This is a wonderful recipe for those first experimenting with jackfruit (It was my first time!). It is a simple and fairly quick recipe that really showcases the texture and versatility of the fruit.

I replaced the slaw with spinach and since my tomatoes went bad, I freestyled with some jalapenos and balsamic marinated mushrooms. I loved my tacos with or without the topping. When it came down to it the jackfruit was the star of the show. I also think next time I’ll put a little less bbq sauce. As you can see, things got a little saucy over here.

recipe here