My Birthday Trip and a SF Vegan Restaurant Itinerary That Won’t Dissappoint

I will no longer say anyone is happy as a clam, for I’ve found a much more satisfying simile. Throughout my birthday weekend extravaganza (cause that’s how I roll), I found that there’s not quite a happy to describe a small town vegan dining in the big city of San Francisco. It felt like a future I’d only dreamt of- being able to order entire 4 and 5 course menus of entirely vegan food. My tastebuds were captivated and a little spoiled by the pure variety of options; If it wasn’t the variety, surely it was the quality. San Francisco had me feeling like I was out dining as a normal ordinary person with a huge range of tantalizing and inspiring foods just around the corner.

I of course have my one and only to thank for this queen treatment in celebration of my 22nd year. I was truly whisked away on a romantic and lovely getaway. The adventures we embarked on left nothing to be desired. From Sleeping on the 24th floor alongside a wall of a window overlooking the bay, to befriending a baby stingray, to sipping signature cocktails in basically a sunroom utop a 39 story hotel; There’s nothing quite like being wined and dined while galavanting the golden city.


Isn’t he handsome? 🙂

Alright, so let’s get down to my recommendations based on what Andrew and I have had a lovely time experiencing. Since this site is all about the vegan eats, I’ll start with the mouth watering eateries. Now before I left, I did a lot of yelp scanning in search of the best restaurant itinerary, and while we didn’t quite make it everywhere, the places we did make it certainly didn’t fail to impress.



  • Ananda Fenura– Amazing vegan gingerbread pancakes with poached pears and lemon beurre blanc. I was worried these would be too sweet, but they were absolutely delicious.
  • Herbivore- Also seemed great for lunch and dinner, but we only made it in for breakfast, I ordered some delicious blueberry pancakes. Andrew had their totally vegan french toast. We also enjoyed a vegan milkshake, and hot cocoa. And I noticed that they make their own in-house ginger ale–super cool.



  • Love N Haight Deli- Awesome little deli with faux sandwich meats. Great Smoked ‘Chicken’ Sub. 
  • Gracias Madre- this is one of the places we didn’t quite have time to make it to; We tend to skip the lunch joints to fit more galavanting. I was definitely very excited to try it however, a completely vegan mexican lunch and dinner spot. The menu sounded divine and the reviews were resoundingly positive. I will definitely make it a priority next time I’m in town. 



  • Dante’s Weird Fish- You would never know this place was there unless you were looking for it, no signs whatsoever, save for a small hanging wooden merman creature. However, if there’s one place to dine in San Francisco, it’s here. There are vegan and seafood options that will absolutely amaze. Andrew and I shared some buffalo seitan to start. We each then enjoyed a couple of the best tacos i’d ever had.
  • Saha- This innovative arabic restaurant had incredible and creative dishes that offered flavours I’ve surely missed. This place has a very romantic atmosphere and the food will definitely put you in a good mood. From a middle eastern knaffe of mushrooms, vegan cream cheese, and phyllo flake to a delightfully spiced curry with seasonal veggies. 


  • The View-This was one of my favourite spots we hit, not only for the drinks but for the incredible environment and let’s be real, the view. This swanky lounge is located on the 39th floor of The Marriott Hotel. With gaping sunroom windows over the water, and comfortable plush armchairs, sipping cocktails becomes a luxury affair. 



  • Holy Gelato!- All I can say for this place is wow! The first night Andrew and I forgot to check what time they closed and showed up thirty minutes after closing. We were all ready to turn around but the man who appeared to be the owner kindly ushered us in and served us anyways, even pulling flavours from the back fridge. Half the display case is vegan flavours! We liked it so much we returned the second night within hours to try again. They have amazing creative flavours even filled with vegan marshmallows, cookie bits, and more. It was by far the best vegan ice cream I have had. 

And in the adventure category, what is, in my opinion, some can’t miss experiences:

  • Academy of Science Museum (this takes a very long time to enjoy)
  • Baker Beach and Explore the Trails Down the Bluff
  • Drive Down Lombard Street
  • Visit The View located at the Marriott hotel, even for one drink. (Be aggressive for a good table or come early)
  • De young museum (don’t miss the lookout tower! Amazing view)
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Japanese Tea Garden
  • Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory
  • The Exploratorium

So, there you have it, San Francisco is an awesome city for vegans. It comes highly recommended from this little couple, be it the spoils of the gourmet world or the sights and opportunities of one of California’s most unique cities. 🙂