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Lebanese Shishkabobs

These are a tasty treat and something unique from our daily cuisine. The vegan yogurt based marinade gives it the slightest tang that compliments the spices and envelops the nutty tempeh. It is a great dish to serve… Continue reading

Seitan “Cheesesteaks”

As a born and raised west coaster, I can’t quite claim “these take me back to the streets of philly!” However, I can say these perfectly peppered and meaty subs brought a comfort and… Continue reading

Double Bean Burgers with Tempeh Bacon

These bean burgers are a true delight. Beans generally make for a softer patty base however a perfect amount of sauted garlic, onions, peppers, flour and spices transform them into shapely and delicious pucks.… Continue reading

Back in The Kitchen with a White Bean and Peach Panzanella (Served here as Bruschetta)

This delightfully refreshing and creamy Panzanella or bruschetta is totally ready for its debut at late summer garden parties, quaint backyard weddings, and classy dinners with guests to impress. The romantic mixture of crisp basil, sweet… Continue reading

Chipotle Tempeh Tacos con Mango Avocado Salsa

Hello spring– I’m ready for summer!! Albeit the eternal summer that is the sunshine coast, I enjoy cooking with the seasons and pretending that with these tacos im enjoying the first glimpses of green… Continue reading

Jackfruit Tacos

This exotic take on bbq tacos is absolutely scrumptious! The sweet and meaty jackfruit makes for a unique and hearty base that’s surprising exquisite when simmered in bbq sauce and fixed with your favourite taco toppings.… Continue reading

Buffalo Tempeh Sliders

These little sandwiches are awesome protein powerhouses, either as delectable appetizers or flavorful entrees. The thin cut tempeh creates an almost bacon texture with all the kick and comfort of buffalo chicken. This… Continue reading

Quick Simple Nachos with Nut-free, Dairy-free cheese

For a reminiscent cheesy nacho plate, this flavourful dish fills the need for cheese–and your belly. Usually, I am not a fan of vegan cheese; however, this spiced up nacho spread impressed even me… Continue reading

Baked Bbq Tempeh Sandwiches with a Sundried Tomato Hemp Pate

These sandwiches are tantalizing! No sauce or extra sandwich add-ins even required. The baked bbq tempeh is so flavourful and juicy and so enhanced by the sun dried tomato and hemp pate. The recipe… Continue reading

Persian Frittata (turned scramble by my pan flipping skills)

This was a very eggy entree with ginger and turmeric to give it a really mideastern taste and zucchini and onions to give it some variety. It could sub for omelettes, scrambled eggs,… Continue reading

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