Chipotle Tempeh Tacos con Mango Avocado Salsa

Hello spring– I’m ready for summer!! Albeit the eternal summer that is the sunshine coast, I enjoy cooking with the seasons and pretending that with these tacos im enjoying the first glimpses of green… Continue reading

Jackfruit Tacos

This exotic take on bbq tacos is absolutely scrumptious! The sweet and meaty jackfruit makes for a unique and hearty base that’s surprising exquisite when simmered in bbq sauce and fixed with your favourite taco toppings.… Continue reading

Perfect Valentines Dinner at Home/ Red Wine Truffle Recipe

Our valentines night was a huge success without the reservations, or dressing up, or going out at all. We did spend the daylight galavanting the bay and wetlands meeting crabs and egrets and even… Continue reading

Vegan at the Cannabis Cup!

Andrew and I had an amazing time at the socal cannabis cup this past weekend. We had an unforgettable experience tasting and sampling weeds, concentrates, and yes-vegan friendly edibles (pictures below)! I was amazed at… Continue reading

Jalapeno Poppers (gluten free)

These creamy cheesy concoctions pack heat and good old fashioned southern comfort. They make for perfect appetizers, snacks, or side dishes. Perfect for a potluck or anytime to treat the family to a… Continue reading

Buffalo Tempeh Sliders

These little sandwiches are awesome protein powerhouses, either as delectable appetizers or flavorful entrees. The thin cut tempeh creates an almost bacon texture with all the kick and comfort of buffalo chicken. This… Continue reading

Native Frybread Tacos

The combination of fluffy and comforting beer flat bread with flavourful and spicy chilli screams good old fashioned american yums. Andrew and I both thoroughly enjoyed this veganized version of a native classic… Continue reading

Quick Simple Nachos with Nut-free, Dairy-free cheese

For a reminiscent cheesy nacho plate, this flavourful dish fills the need for cheese–and your belly. Usually, I am not a fan of vegan cheese; however, this spiced up nacho spread impressed even me… Continue reading

Baked Bbq Tempeh Sandwiches with a Sundried Tomato Hemp Pate

These sandwiches are tantalizing! No sauce or extra sandwich add-ins even required. The baked bbq tempeh is so flavourful and juicy and so enhanced by the sun dried tomato and hemp pate. The recipe… Continue reading

Spaghetti Squash and “Meat”ball Sliders with a Sundried Tomato Sauce

These are light enough to be snackers and appetizers and tasty enough to have you licking your lips for more. A snacker spaghetti slider is some gourmet game food, but it will surely have your couch fans… Continue reading

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