Vegan Stuffed Turklettes

Happy thanksgiving all! We celebrated with Andrew’s family today and I got a second chance to thaw the dough and wrap these little guys up. They turned out just as I envisioned–adorable! They… Continue reading

Persian Frittata (turned scramble by my pan flipping skills)

This was a very eggy entree with ginger and turmeric to give it a really mideastern taste and zucchini and onions to give it some variety. It could sub for omelettes, scrambled eggs,… Continue reading

Vegan Thanksgiving!

This is Andrew’s first meatless thanksgiving! So needless to say, my goal was to wow here. Our feast consisted of a Gardein Holiday Roast, mashed potatoes, biscuits, rosemary carrots, and a tempeh bacon jalapeno stuffing… Continue reading

Coveted Cocoa Smoothie

All the flavours of chocolate covered strawberries, bananas and raspberries in a nutrient rich morning smoothie. This was a dreamy and creamy way to start this slow-moving sunday. Beyond the deliciousness, it’s guilt free!… Continue reading

Hot Wing Nugget Tofu Burgers and Homemade Tortilla Chips

Tonight Andrew made us some awesome crispy homemade tortilla chips, while I scavenged the last of the groceries into an entree. I’m actually really pleased with what I came up with. It only took… Continue reading

Black Bean Quinoa Enchiladas

Awesome healthy enchiladas! The homemade sauce is delicious, thick, and if you add a little chili, you can give it a great kick. As someone who ate a lot of cheesy enchiladas back when… Continue reading

Mexican Stuffed Shells

We’re on a bit of a mexican kick this week. Enchiladas are coming soon! My mom actually first found and veganized this recipe for a dinner party and Andrew fell in love with… Continue reading

Sweet Potato Tacos

These absolutely delicious tacos have such kick, zest, and personality to them. The sweet potato adds a sweet treat and is perfectly baked and seasoned to keep in time with the spanish tastes. While the cilantro,… Continue reading

Sloppy Joe’s

These sandwiches are mushroom based which gives them a very meaty and satisfying texture. They are plenty sloppy, and a true American classic. They’re also pretty simple to make, and won’t take you… Continue reading

Lentil & Okra Gumbo

I’ve never had gumbo, but I do work at a restaurant that serves a delicious smelling traditional Louisiana-style seafood gumbo, and I must say the aromas were pretty well met. 🙂 This is… Continue reading

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